We offer a wide variety of facials for all skin types!  

Facial Add Ons
Add brow wax to facial for $10
Add lip scrub to facial $10

Extraction Session

$55 with dermaplaning $75
A perfect express facial to get your face feeling fresh and clean! Add dermaplaning for that clean slate feeling!

Bonny Facial

$75 with dermaplaning $95
Customizable to fit your skincare needs comes with extractions and a mask. Great for Teens!

Skincare room New Braunfels

Adorable Facial

This facial is a classic customizable facial designed to your skincare care needs at the time. Whether it’s acne, or anti-aging this one has you covered.

Handsome Facial

The gentlemen’s customizable facial, whether its acne or just a deep cleanse this facial has you guys covered.

Massage Therapy New Braunfels

Mermaid Skin Facial

$110 with dermaplaning $145
When you think Mermaid you think beautiful dewy hydrated skin. Get that very feeling with this facial. Special jelly mask packed with all the good stuff to leave you with dewy hydrated mermaid skin.

Polished Facial

Give your dull skin a lovely glow with the Polished facial. This wonderful facial includes steam, duel cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, microdermabrasion, brightening mask, toner, under eye treatment, serum, moisturizer.

Pristine Dermaplaning

In this wonderful anti-aging facial, unwanted peach fuzz and dull skin are removed to reveal fresh skin for nutrient rich masks to penetrate even better. You’ll leave with the most pristine skin.

Sorella Seasonal

The seasonal facial special Sorella Apothecary puts out exclusively.

Hydrojelly Mask Facial

$105 with dermaplaning $120
Masks that hydrate and takes care of certain skincare concerns, sign me up. Masks to choose from:
That’s Dope– CBD helps with inflammation, calming redness and rocessa
Eygiptian Rose– Antiaging helps with fine lines and wrinkles, gives you a glow
Hyaluronic Acid– A water molecule, hold 10 times its weight in water, Very hydrating
Intensive Aftercare– Lavender based, helps sooth inflamed skin. Good for blemishes
Antioxidant Goji– Helps rejuvenate and gives you a glow
Spot Diminishing ALA– Blue LED light with 5 Aminolaevulinic acid HCI helps to penetrate dermis to kill acne bacteria and help unclog pores

Facial of the Month

$105 with dermaplaning $125
A special facial I come up with each month to introduce different products possibly pertaining to each month! Usually includes enzyme and Hydrojelly mask or collections put out together!

The “Peel”

Chemical peels are iffy. Using an enzyme on a dermaplaned face is going to stimulate blood cells and help skin cells to repair and improve themselves helping to tighten, firm and give you that new skin glow!

Add Glow Boost to enzyme for $15
Level up your spa treatment with Glow Boost. Assists in increasing oxygenation, active stimulant for cellular renewal and increases absorption for other products. Increases tingly sensation so not suited for sensitive skin.

Blackberry Lime Fruitfoliant
Slight tingle, stimulates skin resulting in rosy appearance, promotes clear radiant looking skin, reduces appearance of visible signs of aging.
Cherry Pepper Peel $10 more
May be very tingly, not for sensitive skin and not recommended for first time. Stimulates the skin resulting in rosy appearance, leaves skin appearing revitalized, fresh and radiant. Gives skin boost of vitamins.

The Starlet

Baby you’re a Star with this facial! Basically a complete makeover! Dermplaning facial complete with Hydrojelly mask to hydrate and boost glow, brow wax and tint, lash tint and lip scrub.


A great way to get your back free and clear of congestion or anything else that might be causing concern.

Beauty Rest

Ever wish you could just lay there after your massage or your facial and take a nap, well now you can! Offering Beauty Rest, a quiet time just all to yourself after a relaxing treatment. We keep time for you and will wake you with a light knock at the door, accompanied by coffee or tea of your choice and a energizing aromatherapy blend! You’ll be good as new!

15 Minute $15
30 Minute $30
60 Minute $60

Please read over our Studio Policies before requesting an appointment.

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